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Mobile Blood Collection Service

Level 2, 31 Cedric Street, Stirling WA 6021

Phone: 9253-4800 Fax: 9319 3855


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Dr Jonathan Grasko

Dr Yael Grasko

Dr Cathy Cole

Dr Clay Golledge

Dr Andrew Dickie

Dr Martin Stuckey

Dr Meilyn Hew

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Your treating practitioner has recommended that you use Saturn Pathology. You are free to choose your own pathology provider. However, if your treating practitioner has specified a particular pathologist on clinical grounds, a Medicare rebate will only be payable if that pathologist performs the service. You should discuss this with your treating practitioner.

Results will be sent directly to the Requesting Doctor

Saturn Pathology

(p) (08) 9253-4800

Level 2, 31 Cedric Street

Stirling 6021

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